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Feb 14, 2009 226 Comments ›› Angelia

Letters. Words. Our destiny. Our purpose. Our mission. Our attitude. The sound of our bark and the fangs of our bite. Our marketability. Our ability, or lack thereof, to fit on a bumpersticker or t-shirt. Our warning. The look of our letterhead. Our legacy. Our values. Our principles. Our enemies. Our fight.

As you all know, I’m forming a national political movement and have retained an accountant and attorneys. I’ve also been speaking and corresponding with many of you. We can’t incorporate without a name. We can’t live or function without a name.


The Right American

The American Constitution And Capitalism Defense Front

The Constitution And Capitalism Defense Front

Hey You, MFr, I’m going To Blow Your Head Off

I Said Get Down, B*tch

We, The People

The John Galt Society

The John Galt Movement

Conservative Underground

We All F-ed Jenny

Defenders Of The American Revolution

Defenders Of The Revolution

**New: The Restoration Movement aka The Restoration

Dollard Nation will remain an entity separate and apart, with an identical political platform to the purely political movement which we are now founding, but as Dollard Nation encompasses broader interests, and addresses broader concerns and needs, its platform will also contain planks detailing our commitments to firearms, Christianity, intoxication, and sodomy. And Lefticide.

Dollard’s Army will become the security and enforcement arms of both organizations.

Wednesday’s deadline has been extended to 23:59 Monday. Then I’m incorporating.


Destiny. Yeah, that’s right. This is Marine turned model, Destiny Monique Arredondo