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Mar 1, 2009 314 Comments ›› Pat Dollard


I asked this, and decided it was in our best interests for our political organization’s name to be this. To me, it simply says it all. In slang terms, it will be pronounced “active”. Every day, it becomes clear that American capitalism, and by necessity the American Constitution, are under assault from a neo-Marxist revolution launched, as it only could be, by a madman, a hate-filled (thank you, Pastor Manning), narcissistic psychopath who is a liar par excellence (thank you again, Pastor Manning), possessed by whatever demons possessed those in whose footsteps he follows. Hitler, Stalin, Hussein et al. Insert your favorites. I don’t know what f***ed this two-bit punk up, or when, and I don’t really care, I’m just going to see to it that he is stopped. I’d like you to join me.

I am incorporating under this name, and have purchased the web domain ACCDF.com. Chad will go to work on designing the site. What’s there now is just a scratched territorial marker.

I thank everyone for their patience. The reason last week’s Jihadi Killer Hour didn’t happen was because of the work involved with ACCDF. I have been orchestrating coordinated operations with other powerful entities and media outlets. The Dollard Nation is about to expand exponentially into a mammoth juggernaut. (And yes, everyone’s b*tching has paid off, as both the the organization and the critical, ever-breaking nature of the events about which are concerned have made it necessary to expand the Jihadi Killer Hour to five nights a week).

I had to help Sgt. Welsh through a personal crisis and get him back here, as he is functioning as my right hand. I am going to contact five of you, to be my initial close-support team. No one has been chosen or left out of this group, for any other reason than that I have to keep things manageable, and five seems to be about the right number. Regardless, I can no longer do it alone. If your heart and soul aren’t in it, or you don’t have the time, then please don’t offer to take on responsibilities you can’t meet. Don’t sweat it, it isn’t a contest, everybody’s participation is invaluable at whatever level. We just can’t waste time with tourists in important positions. In about a week, the team will be expanded.

Obviously, information about membership, operations, and all of that, will be made available asap.

This ain’t no party, this ain’t no rave, this ain’t no f***ing around. This is life during wartime. By the time we’re done, the Conservative Movement will be nothing without us, just as the Republican Party is nothing without the Conservative Movement. Every single one of you know that a lack of balls and a lack of an experienced military sensibility have spelt the death of the Conservative Movement in every venue in which it needs to prevail, from academia, to the polls, to the media, to the halls of government. Those days are over.

Onward, to victory.

Update: It’s time to grease the wheels a little, as I’ve outlayed many costs, and myself and the Gang of Five are acquiring new software for mailing lists, etc., and work is being done on the ACCDF website, all to get regional leaders in place, members updated, everyone trained and Active. We’re also bearing new costs to deal with the anti-“Jihadi Killer Hour” hack, including server changes. If you can help, great, if you can’t, you can’t, no sweat. Keep coming back, regardless, please.

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