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Anthony G. Martin
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While the Department of Homeland Security under Obama appointee Janet Napolitano focuses on nebulous so-called ‘home-grown right wing extremist terrorist groups,’ the real terrorists–you know, the ones who have vowed to annihilate us, the Islamic extremists–are training right under our noses within the U.S.

One begins to wonder if perhaps Obama and company are simply asking for another devastating terrorist strike with the decisions they have made, such as the decision to close Gitmo, bringing the most dangerous terrorists in the world to the mainland U.S. where they can be provided legal representation at taxpayer expense,and the discontinuation of interrogation techniques that have saved multi-thousands of lives.

And the Department of Homeland Security seems to be more concerned about a few good ole boys with guns than head-choppers who are training to kill us right in our own backyards.

No one in the nation does a better job at investigating and reporting the dangers of extremist Islam than Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs in New York. In a stunning recent report, Geller says this about Muslim terrorist training cells here in America:

This group, known as Jamaat ul-Fuqra (JF), was founded by Sheik Mubarak Ali Gilani during a 1980 visit to New York. In an effort to stop the perceived influence of Western ideology on Islam, JF uses violence to keep Islam from being ‘tainted’ by Western influences. JF will even wage violence upon members of their own faith, if they are suspected of not being faithful to Islam. In 1980, Gilani purchased 70 acres of land near the Catskill Mountains and founded Islamberg, in Hancock NY, a Muslim-only community where Muslim followers and converts could settle and reside in. Today, over 30 similar Muslim-only communities have sprung up all across the United States.

But that’s not all. This group is behind a string of various violent crimes committed throughout the country. Here is a sample:

*Between 1979-90, there have been approximately 10 unsolved assassinations & 17 firebombing cases involving JF members [3] Some of the more publicized crimes involving JF include:
1983-High ranking JF member plants pipe bomb at Portland hotel
1984-3 South Asians killed in Tacoma, WA suburb by JF members
1985- Islamic mosque bombed, Houston TX
1989-storage locker search warrant in Colorado Springs revealed weapons cache and intelligence documents belonging to JF members. Documents included maps and potential targets to include military sites, oil and gas installations, and electrical facilities.

Geller states that sites for these training compounds and Muslim-only communities range from rural, sparsely populated areas to urban warehouses. These areas are closely guarded around the clock, and no one can gain entrance unless they are accepted members of the terrorist group.

Here is a partial list of the sites of these training camps:

JF Headquarters (Islamberg) are in Hancock, NY. Islamberg is known to have a mosque, school house, grocery store and reportedly a firing range at their compound.

JF has also set up communities/training compounds in the following areas:
• Marion, Alabama
• Augusta,Commerce,Macon & Jessup Georgia
• Talihina, Oklahoma
• York County, South Carolina
• Dover, Tenessee
• Red House; Roanoke Virginia
• Wayne County, Pennsylvania
• Tulane County, California
• Washington State
• Colorado
• Michigan
• Illinois

Locations have also been discovered in Canada, Venezuela & Trinidad [6]

More detailed information and descriptions of these terrorist groups, their membership profile, and the activities that go on inside the camps can be found at Atlas Shrugs.

Every American who is concerned about safety from the REAL threats within our nation rather than the trumped up diversionary tactics of Napolitano’s DHS should read this article.