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Oct 14, 2010 5 Comments ›› Pat Dollard


Yonni Barrios, the Chilean miner whose extramarital affair was revealed to the world (and his family!) when both his wife and his longtime mistress showed up at a vigil toting his picture, was rescued this afternoon. Barrios, who was nicknamed ‘Dr. House’ by his fellow miners because of his first aid abilities, appeared on the surface and was greeted by….his wife. Maybe.

According to CNN, Chilean TV at least said it was his wife (earlier she’d stated she wouldn’t be present) but CNN was still attempting to confirm. Judging by the sort of hesitant greeting the two had…well, who’s to say (I suspect it was the mistress). Almost as awkward was listening to Don Lemon remind viewers “life is complicated” and the important thing is everyone is safe! Watch below and judge for yourself…wife or mistress?