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Jan 15, 2011 19 Comments ›› Pat Dollard

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Honesty is one’s primary duty in public political discourse, not civility. Civility in fact, may merely be censorship, and therefor service dishonesty, and therefor tyranny. One must be able to call for any appropriate action against any threat to life, liberty and property. One must be able to speak ill of tyrants, criminals, and all who serve both. There is no moral mandate to speak well of them, in fact, there is a moral mandate to speak ill of them, and as vigorously, loudly, and widely as possible. There is a moral mandate to explain to the people why those who govern us, are indeed tyrants. And there is a moral mandate to advocate as vigorously as possible for appropriate action against them.

It is immoral to advocate peaceably for peace when there is a moral mandate to advocate belligerently for war.

It is immoral to value peace over all means necessary to protect life, liberty and property.