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Mar 28, 2011 22 Comments ›› Pat Dollard

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March 28, 00:00

I had a dream last night where a visionary and charismatic populist leader named Ben Gleck, the greatest and most popular in the country, led everybody into chains unintentionally, telling them to kill with kindness instead of guns, and win with unaccountable ballots and dreams and prayers without commensurate works, without sufficient revolutionary action. Knowing his fatal folly deep down inside but quashing it for purely personal reasons, he continued to suggest that we could get what we needed, we could win, by meeting God only 1/4 of the way.

As such, he didn’t really mean it, but he said it all out of fear of losing his tv show or his chances at political office. Peace, quite simply, was his priority, because it was necessary to his purse and power, as well as his pursuit of more of both.

And so everybody followed his flawed, pathologically self-centered lead, and kept themselves from launching a true revolution for far too long, & then, bam! down came the hammer.

It was too late for sufficient action, the end had come, a war was lost before it began, as the people’s leader had sold them out to the flawed vision of his own ambitions.

Little birds tweet and peck, American Eagles scream and kill.

The time to rise has been engaged.

Perhaps, in the most embarrassing of ironies, inspired by Muslims, Americans will finally rise up and remove their corrupt and illegitimate government.

Build it, and the military will come.