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May 17, 2011 3 Comments ›› Pat Dollard

“Us minorities should stick together” – Against who? Oh, yes, white Christians, I suppose, since Adler is Jewish. This is the worst case of blatant racism I’ve seen in a political campaign in awhile. At least Obama invented clever code for his race-baiting.

Dan’s description of himself from his website: Adler, an entertainment industry executive and former vice president at Walt Disney Imagineering who lives in Los Angeles.

Here’s the campaign ad you’ll see Glenn attacking in the video below it. The same crystal-clear attack that probable-lawyer Adler then called an endorsement by quoting lines and even single words from it, out of context, (a trick often done with movie ads that use lines from fair to reviews), in order to dupe voters into believing that Glenn Beck had endorsed him. S-l-e-a-z-y. H-o-l-l-y-w-o-o-d. Go figure, right?

The Blaze:

Somehow, from that the Adler campaign came up with this:

Conservative TV and radio personality Glenn Beck has endorsed Democrat Dan Adler in the California 36th Congressional District special election, taking place this Tuesday, May 17th.

During his Friday radio show, Beck spent several minutes dissecting the Adler campaign’s television ads and online videos, calling Adler’s ads “amazing” and “tremendous.”

The show paid particular attention to the Adler ads with the theme “Send a Mensch to Congress.” A Beck sidekick said of one of those ads, entitled “Stick Together,” that “this is a great ad!” See the ads–as well as videos describing what a Mensch is–here: Adler2011.com.

“Being Glenn Beck’s endorsed candidate in the race is an odd position for a Democrat, but I do understand his preference for someone from the private sector rather than one of the three Democratic professional politicians who are running. And since a Democrat is ultimately going to win the seat, there is a strange logic to it, I guess,” said Adler.

Glenn caught wind of Adler trumpeting his “endorsement.” Here’s what he had to say (via Glennbeck.com):

“It doesn’t make any sense for a progressive to want my endorsement. So, today I heartily endorse — what’s his name? — Dan Adler. I want the voters in California to know that we are practically brothers of the brain,” Glenn said.

“We are so like minded, he has the same positions on almost everything, although he’s not coming out and saying those things.”

“We both believe that the rich are paying far too much. Pay their fair share? They pay more than their fair share. They deserve a tax break,” Glenn declared in his support for he and Adler’s shared stance.

How will the Adler campaign spin this one?