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Oct 24, 2011 66 Comments ›› Pat Dollard

By Matt Dawson

Ron Paul is dead wrong on his stance of American Isolationism and it is a big assault on Liberty. First let me talk about what I agree with him on. Prolife? Check. You can’t have Liberty without life. His economic views? I agree with him on most of them but not all, but he is consistent with individuals deciding their own economic fate. Well that brings us to his stance on America’s Foreign Policy. Ron Paul once said that Iran having a nuclear weapon is no biggie and that 9/11 was America’s fault because of its intervention in the Muslim world. Huh?! Yeah, he said that.

How can Paul espouse the virtues of liberty if he doesn’t defend it to its fullest? He can’t. You cannot have true liberty if you don’t go kick some ass sometime. We as a country can’t just wait around until some jackass comes and knocks on our door and says, “Hello, I kill you!” Hell no! We go out and we find the evil bastards and kill them. Does that mean we go to every Malarial Ebola infested Hell hole to find every tribal chief that has a beef with the Red, White, and Blue? No. But if I see some moron banging away on a nuke that has my picture spray painted on the side, I would like to see our Boys go stomp a mudhole in somebody’s head.

Maybe Paul believes that other countries should have the same liberty as we do? Is that why he said that if Iran wanted to build a nuke that it shouldn’t be our business? Heaven forbid I would want to ever take the lunatic Ahmadinejad’s liberty away. If your main goal as a despot is to destroy others freedom, i.e. the United States, then you have lost the privilege to exist as person. If Paul believes that Abortion is illegal because it takes away the right of the individual child to life, then by extension he cannot say that another country has the right to destroy another.

Does that mean we need to be the World’s beat cop? No. The United States Military exists for one purpose: To destroy and kill the enemies that threaten America’s liberty.

Paul often says he wants our country to go back to what the Founders envisioned. Well, what was the Founders’ belief on foreign policy? Our first overseas excursion was under President Thomas Jefferson and we fought the Muslims in Libya! For 15 years the United States paid tribute to the Ottoman Empire so that the Barbary Privateers didn’t attack our ships. When Thomas Jefferson got into office he saw the situation and eloquently said, “Awww Hell no! That’s about enough of that!” He sent our newly formed United States Navy over to North Africa and conducted our first Shock and Awe on Muslim terrorists. The verse “to the Shores of Tripoli” in the Marine’s Hymn is in tribute to the brave Marines that participated in the United States’ first land battle overseas in the Battle of Derne. ( The Marine commander, General Eaton, was such a badass that when he found out about the peace treaty we made with the Ottomans he was extremely disappointed he wouldn’t be able to march across the desert and take over the Barbary capital of Tripoli. Did I just hear a Hooah?) With Jefferson’s intervention into overseas warfare he not only secured personal liberty by preventing further lives from danger and slavery, but he also ensured an economic liberty by not having to pay the $1 million a year ransom. That’s $15 million, the same price that Jefferson would pay for the Louisiana Purchase a few years later.

So again I say, Ron Paul is dead wrong on this. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Liberty is not free. It is a right, but it has to be protected at all costs and the fight brought to whoever threatens it. If that means busting a few heads in some Allah forsaken dirt factory, then I believe our Boys are ready to defend the liberty that defines us as a Nation.

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