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Nov 25, 2011 1 Comment ›› Pat Dollard

NY Daily News:

A blind kitten became an Internet sensation when his owners posted a YouTube video of him playing with his first toys – balls with handy bells inside of them.

The kitten, Oskar, hunts them down by listening to jingling noise they make rattling across the floor.

“As you can tell, he can ‘see’ them by using his ears,” his owner explained on the website.

The three-minute clip, “Oskar the Blind Kitten and His First Toys,” has collected more than a million views since it was posted by YouTube user Mick12321kciM in mid-October. Several heartwarming videos on the user’s channel feature Oskar, who was born without fully formed eyeballs, playing with his adopted sibling, Klaus.

“His blindness does not hold him back at all,” user Mick12321kciM wrote. “He can do pretty much everything that our ‘normal’ cat Klaus can do.”