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Nov 14, 2011 41 Comments ›› Angelia

(The Hill) — Herman Cain said that he believes a majority of American Muslims share extremist views, that Michele Bachmann would be “tutti-frutti” if she were an ice cream flavor, and that he believes the “more toppings a man has on his pizza … the more manly he is” in a sprawling — and admittedly politically incorrect — interview with GQ published Monday.

Perhaps Cain’s most eyebrow-raising comments were an exchange in which he said that he believed a majority of American Muslims share extremist views.

“I have had one very well-known Muslim voice say to me directly that a majority of Muslims share the extremist views,” Cain said.

Asked if he thought this individual — whom Cain would only identify as “a very prominent voice in the Muslim community” — was right, Cain said that although he found it hard to believe, ultimately he trusted his adviser.

“Yes, because of the respect that I have for this individual. Because when he told me this, he said he wouldn’t want to be quoted or identified as having said that,” Cain said.

The interview — which included questions from GQ’s food critic — also touched on some of the culinary themes that have permeated the Republican nominating contest. Cain famously described himself as not the flavor of the week or month after his rise to the top of the polls, joking that instead he was Häagen-Dazs’s black walnut, a flavor that “tastes good all the time.”

The GQ writers challenged Cain to assign flavors to his competitors and Cain obliged, labeling Mitt Romney plain vanilla and Rick Perry rocky road. He was then asked what flavor Michele Bachmann would be:

“Michele Bachmann … I’m not going to say it. I’m not going to say it,” Cain said.

But pressed by his interviewers, Cain relented, saying that Bachmann would be “tutti-frutti.”