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Nov 2, 2011 3 Comments ›› Pat Dollard

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Last Friday in Scottsdale, Ariz., Notre Dame Prep beat Horizon High School 31-28…but at one point during the game, fans’ cameras focused not on the field, but something happening thousands of feet – or MILLIONS OF LIGHT YEARS – above it:

This is creepier than the Notre Dame “UFO sighting” for a few reasons. One, this one was at night. Two, the objects this time around appear more substantial (i.e. they’re not “a camera glitch,” as one person suspected of the Notre Dame version), bright, and they look too big to be very far from the ground. And three, as MaxPreps’ Stephen Spiewak notes, Scottsdale is a mere 425-or-so miles away from Roswell, New Mexico. Coincidence? You decide.

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