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Nov 18, 2011 5 Comments ›› Pat Dollard

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The last thing that Van Jones wants you to know is that he, with Obama, is the co-founder and co-ringmaster of the #Occupy movement, Obama’s ad-hoc civilian army. Jones and Obama are using labor unions in a military capacity as the army’s command-and control group. Knowing that without it there’s was no way he could win the 2012 election, Obama turned to Jones to create on an ad-hoc basis what he lacked the poltical capital to create officially, on a Federal level, what he’s wanted all along to enforce his dictatorial regime, which is a standing civilian army, the one he calls for in the video below.

Video – Van Jones Tries To Hide His Control Of Obama’s #OWS Communist Civilian Army:

Flashback: To Hide Truth Of Obama Partnership With Van Jones On #Occupy Communist Revolution, Joe Biden Implausibly Denies Knowing Who Van Jones Is:

Van Jones in a CNN interview this morning.

“Most of the people who have been hurt — unfortunately, whether you’re talking about the veteran who was put in a coma or the reporters that were hurt yesterday — were hurt by our law enforcement,” he charged.