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Dec 3, 2011 Comments Off on Bachmann And Gingrich Praise Cain As He Exits Race Pat Dollard

Beltwahy Confidential:

Michele Bachmann was first out of the box praising Herman Cain after he announced his decision to suspend his campaign for President. Newt Gingrich sent out a statement shortly afterwards.

Michele Bachmann:

Herman Cain provided an important voice to this process. His ideas and energy generated tremendous enthusiasm for the conservative movement at a time it was so desperately needed to restore confidence in our country. I wish Herman, his wife Gloria, and his family all the best.

Newt Gingrich:

Herman Cain’s 999 plan got our country talking about the critical issue of how to reform our tax code and he elevated the dialogue of the Republican presidential primary in the process. I am proud to know Herman Cain and consider him a friend. I know from having worked with him for more than a decade he will continue to be a powerful voice in the conservative movement for years to come.