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Dec 23, 2011 113 Comments ›› Pat Dollard

by Matt Dawson

I love the words on Pat’s site. The War Starts here. This is a War. This ideological fight for our lives is a war of epic proportions and you can count me in as a willing participant. This is a war that has real consequences and real results and there will be winners and losers. The War will be fought in the hearts and minds of Americans. Do you want to be slaves of the state or Liberty loving patriots? I for one am through playing nice. I have chosen my side, and I side with Freedom.

Most of you by now have read my blog, The Morlock Revolt, and read my articles on Pat’s site, you know that I don’t mince words. You have seen the fight I have taken to the Leftist regurgeatrons on Twitter. You may think I have always been this way but you would be mistaken. I have been a diehard conservative since the early 90’s. But from then until very recently I thought that I could reason with the left. I thought that if I presented a well reasoned argument with facts and supporting statements that I would convince people of their incorrect ideas. But at every junction I was shut down and told to shut up. That my opinion was dangerous and that I’m not caring. I would leave feeling defeated.

My devout Christian beliefs would tell me to turn the other cheek and to just show them the truth and they would decide on their own.

But then I asked myself What in the Hell are you Doing?! This vicious brood are murdering innocents by the millions through state sanctioned Abortion. These Leftists are effectively eliminating every mention of God in every facet of life. They are tearing down the foundation brick by brick that our Christian founders built. This Nation that was so successful in this world at bringing mercy and hope and liberty to those that never knew it and these Leftist Bastards want to tear it down all in the name of “fairness”. Well excuse me but I sure as hell ain’t turning the other check for this bullshit!

“But Matt what about you being a Christian, those are pretty strong words and you cussed.” I sure as hell did and I am still a Christian but no longer a silent one. Was not Jesus the one that chased out the tax collectors from His Temple. Yeah He Chased out Tax Collectors you asshole Democrats! Not millionaires and Billionaires! Tax Collectors! The State and a state sponsored religion. These taxes were collected by the temple and it showed that if you did not pay them that you did not care. You were not one of the chosen. Sound familiar, friends? Taxes equals caring. He also chased out the merchants that were selling sacrifices that were only approved by the priest. If you brought in a dove and it met the requirements of the Law the priest might not approve it because it wasn’t bought at the merchants table. That definitely sounds familiar. Well Jesus had about enough of that and went WWE on those liars and thieves. Jesus was mad. And so am I.

I am not trying to make a theological point here but simply trying to point out that Christians can get mad as hell and can say “I’m not going to take this anymore!” I am not going to sit by and watch as innocent children are slaughtered because some idiot feminist says it’s a ball of cells. Well screw you! I will fight you for their lives. I will not turn away as my brothers and sisters have their rights and liberties taken away simply because they are Christian. NO! I won’t shut up! Just this past week a Women’s shelter that takes care of Homeless women with dependency was denied $55,000 in federal funding because they have mandatory bible study classes as part of the curriculum. Horseshit! We’re going to deny a center that is helping women that have nowhere else to turn and take them off the streets and feed them a meal because the federal government is afraid they may learn about Jesus?! Oh Obama forbid! My nation has turned upside down! I will no longer sit down and take this! I will be Elijah that openly mocked the Priests of Baal, harassing them as they prayed to a god that demanded human sacrifice. I will be Paul that stood on Mars hill and confronted the “Learned” at the time and showed those who gathered how foolish these pious philosophers were. I will be every man woman and child that has every taken a stand for freedom, for family, for God and I will stand with courage.

This is no time to be scared this is a time to stand. This pivotal hour that we face evil in is so critical that we sit at our own folly. We must fight. Because you see this has nothing to do with Christianity at all but has everything to do with the State becoming your god. Is that what you want? No! For this god that the State has erected is insatiable. It will never be satisfied. It will go on demanding sacrifices until all that is left is yourself and then it will demand that. It is a wicked thing what the Leftists have done and it is and an even more wicked thing that we do nothing to stop them. So again I call you Brothers, Sisters, Countrymen, we must fight. We must fight them at every turn, every junction, every pass. We can do it! We can! Confront the Leftists and mock them, ridicule them, they do not deserve to be treated with respect. Would you show respect to someone that wanted to burn your house down and steal your kids? No. Neither do Leftists deserve respect. Am I speaking of Violence? Of course not. This is still a nation of law and order and I will not degrade myself to the level of the Occupy movement. But we can still fight. Stand for your beliefs! Do not shrink in the face of Leftist rhetoric. Fight them. There are more of us than there are of them. Fight. This is not a practice, this is not a rehearsal, this is war and it starts here.

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