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Jan 9, 2012 Comments Off on Tim Tebow Breaks Record For Most Tweeted-About Angelia


Twitter announced today that Tim Tebow broke the record for tweets per second at the climax of his playoff win last night.

“Last night @TimTebow lead the @Denver_Broncos to an overtime playoff win and a new sports Tweets per second record: 9,420,” Tweeted Twitter.

But it was more than just a new sports Tweets per second record. The young star, who has incredibly found himself at the crossroads of America’s religious discourse and most-viewed sport, often with controversial repercussions, outpaced a number of other big occurrences on Twitter.

Tebow launched an antiabortion commercial during the 2010 Super Bowl. Members of the other team often mock his celebratory pose, which has become an internet meme called Tebowing. And Saturday Night Live even created this skit which pokes fun at Tim Tebow’s relationship with religion and football.

All of this seems to have created a snowball affect around Tim Tebow, and as such his name quickly rocketed up to the number 2 spot on the Tweets per second list.

Take a look at this tweets per second list:

Castle in the Sky – 25,088 TPS
Tim Tebow Overtime Touchdown Pass – 9,420
MTV Music Awards (Beyonce Pregnancy) – 8,868
Troy Davis Execution – 7,671
Steve Jobs Resignation 7,064
Steve Jobs Death 6,049
Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami – 5,530
Osama bin Laden Death – 5,106

Mashable has compiled a list and description of the top 15 tweets per second moments.