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Mar 31, 2012 1 Comment ›› Erik Wong

Excerpted from Breitbart   –   (AP) Recall election ordered for Wis. Gov. Scott Walker
Associated Press
The recall election ordered Friday for embattled first-term Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker quickly turned into a possible rematch when the Democrat he narrowly defeated in 2010 announced he was jumping into the race.

Walker expressed confidence he would hold on to his seat shortly after the Government Accountability Board ordered the election, after more than 900,000 signatures were collected supporting a recall in the wake of Walker’s push against union bargaining rights. It marks only the third recall of a governor in U.S. history.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett announced hours later he would challenge Walker, shaking up a Democratic primary race that had been led by union-backed candidate Kathleen Falk. Barrett has publically clashed with unions who were urging him not to get into the race.

In an email to supporters, Barrett said he would begin campaigning immediately to win the primary that looms just 39 days away on May 8. The general election is June 5.

Hours earlier, Walker said he was ready to defend his record just 15 months into his tumultuous term.

“My hope is just as we earned the trust of the majority of voters in November 2010 that we’ll have a chance to earn that trust again this June,” Walker said before touring a Milwaukee manufacturing plant. “So I look forward to the opportunity to share that message.”

Walker’s campaign spokeswoman branded Barrett as a two-time loser who failed to turn around Milwaukee’s economy, noting that he also lost in the Democratic primary for governor in 2002.

But Barrett said Walker hasn’t lived up to his promises.

“Scott Walker came into the governor’s office promising to create 250,000 jobs, and to bring us together,” Barrett wrote in the email. “Instead, he divided our state like never before and presided over a Wisconsin economy that last year lost more jobs than any state in the country.”

The election board’s 5-0 vote that ordered the election came Friday morning, though the decision had been expected for weeks. The board had already determined there were 900,939 valid signatures on petitions supporting the recall, though only 540,208 were required. The board also ordered recalls for Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and four Republican state senators.

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