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Mar 19, 2012 42 Comments ›› Pat Dollard

TUESDAY UPDATE: Today’s big question – Should the cirle/arrows on the front page vid pics be colored orange-brown, as we’ve done today, or back to opaque? And there’s one thing that’s the bugging the crap out of me. I want the “continue reading” buttons at the bottom of each story/vid on the front page to align perfectly in each column side-by-side, as the photos do. I’m gonna figure out how to get this done. The whole of the redesign was perfect simplicity and perfect symmetry. The unaligned “continue reading” are screwing up the latter. We’ll figure it out; if anybody has any tips on that, please let me know.

Original Post:

I took last week off from posting to complete a couple of projects, one of which you are now looking at: welcome to the new site, ladies and gentlemen, we hope you like it.

The basic idea was to eliminate all the clutter and jumbled placement that you see on almost every news/blog site. I wanted an eye-catching slider box at the top to display featured posts, and below that, two perfectly symmetrical and aligned -not jumbled – columns. Soon, there will be ads in the space at the top, perfectly aligned ads in between every five ads and videos.

At the bottom of the page, and on the side, we will be adding widgets and more features. Any suggestions on either, are greatly appreciated.

Current issues: 1. We are doing something to make the “continue reading” buttons perfectly aligned between each video and the story to the right of it. 2. UPDATE: THIS ISSUE IS NOW FIXED. VIDEO PHOTOS NOW HAVE THE TRADITIONAL CIRCLE AND ARROW. Each front-page video picture will have a see-through circle/arrow on its center, as often traditionally seen, indicating that it’s a video, and to click on it. That will that take you to the page with the video. 3. The “send tips”/contact button IS NOW FIXED, WORKING. 4. UPDATE: THIS ISSUE IS NOW FIXED. THE DONATE BUTTON IS NOW WORKING. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN. The donate button will be working. 5. Pictures for the slider will be carefully chosen for size to prevent blurring. Please let us know of any other bugs or problems you encounter. 6. Part of the slider photo is going under the headline text to its right. WE are going to fix that. The photos will stop at the headline on the right, the headline will just have the grey background. Again, this is just for the top slider photos. 7. UPDATE:
THIS ISSUE IS FIXED, NEW VIDEOS GOING UP IMMEDIATELY. Newly posted videos are showing up in both story and video columns, as you can tell by the Rachel Maddow video. Won’t posting any more videos this morning until that is fixed. 8. We will be doing something to make the headline text on the slider posts look better, either enlarging the font or chaning it to brown, or maybe both. 9. If you use the browser Opera, you’ll notice jumbling of posts on the front page. Working on fixing that today.

Upcoming: There is an in-motion breaking news/special announcements banner that scrolls across the top. It’s in place, I just have to start using. It may even be up by the time you’re reading this. There is also a secondary top box that goes below the slider but is only as wide as the Video and Story columns combined. It won’t be up permanently, but will go up to feature special original compositions, fundraisers, polls, special announcements, etc.

The Big Question: UPDATE: WE’VE DONE A FIX ON THE TOP SLIDER. LET ME KNOW IF YOU GUYS THINK IT WORKS NOW, PLEASE. Of controversy, at least to me, is the top slider box. To me it seems there’s something not quite right or elegant enough about it, someone described it as having a “cheap” look, and I’d like to figure out how to fix it. Whatever is wrong with it is my own fault, because I had the designer do it exactly to my specs. What I’m think is one or more of the following: 1. Shrinking it from left to right. 2. Fading the brown inward from the outer edges 3. Fading the inside lighter color band instead of just having it monotone. There are those who like the box as-is, and don’t want me to change it. I look forward to any input you’ve got as to 1. keeping it as-is or 2. changing it, and how. UPDATE: WE ARE DEFINITELY GOING TO BE CHANGING THE TOP FEATURED STORIES SLIDER TO MAKE IT MORE ELEGANT AND MODERN. MAY TAKE A COUPLE OF DAYS.

Everything Else: Whatever input you have, criticism of what is, or ideas for new features, would be greatly appreciated. Please leave them here or in the comments or via the send tips button, as soon as it’s working. We’re going to be doing fixes and changes as quickly as possible, many if not all by today.

Special thanks to the genius behind the re-design, Mr. Brandon Shepard of MAJ3STIC Studios. Check out Brandon’s new start-up company, CardioPanda for those of you a sportsman’s and athletic lifestyle. They’re takiing pre-registrations now.

Again, thanks for your patience with the slow week last week, but I think you can see it was worth having my attention elsewhere.

Special thanks to the whole team for all their hard work, and of course, to you our very dear readers.

Oh, yeah, one last note, per the picture. I don’t smoke anymore. Quit almost two months ago. Used the gum, highly recommend it.

This new site, of course, is dedicated to Mr. Andrew Breitbart, may he rest in peace. We hope to make him proud. His contributions to me as an activist have been invaluable, and he’s certainly not responsible for any of my shortcomings.