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Mar 9, 2012 39 Comments ›› Pat Dollard

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To which I responded.

And then I asked two questions, both of which she declined to answer.

Here’s my post from yesterday, which kicked this off:

Soledad’s performance here is absolutely jaw-dropping. This video could just as easily been headlined, “Soledad OBrien Melts Down, Ends Reputation As Journalist, Unmasks Herself For All Time As Leftist Propagandist” Joel Pollak handles the situation perfectly, staying on offense, and making all the right points. Joel had the following to say to me after I told him he had performed impeccably: “I thought of Andrew, and the rest was easy.” Perfect advice for all of us, going forward.

From Breitbart.tv:

Watch CNN’s Soledad O’Brien attempt to down-play the relationship between Barack Obama and radical racialist Derrick Bell. In the ultimate example of the mainstream media running interference for left-wing ideologues, O’Brien and her panel characterize Bell as just “a Harvard law professor,” they re-define critical race theory as a benign academic pursuit and, naturally, attempt to portray Breitbart’s Joel Pollak as a racist who is afraid of black people. Also notice how Ms. O’Brien confirms that the media has acted as gate-keeper on information about Obama’s past and determines what the public needs to know about him.