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Jun 15, 2012 Comments Off on The Obama Effect: America’s Rapid Loss of Credibility tlmertz

By Tlmertz

Credibility – N /kr?d??b?l?ti/ – the quality of being trusted and believed in.

George Washington. Abraham Lincoln. Ronald Reagan. These men are a very small sampling of American patriots who are the very definition of credible. One thing that has always made me proud of my country was our standing on the world stage. When America speaks, the world listens. Say what you mean, mean what you say. Follow through. Act with honor and integrity. Well, the world still listens, but they no longer believe. And for good reason.

Since Barack Obama took office, it has become apparent that his decisions have only one consideration; how he will be perceived as a result of his actions. This is not the motivation of a true leader. True leadership requires selflessness, not the self-serving mentality that now infects the Oval Office. Never before has our country seen a president motivated solely by his personal desires and ideology, disregarding not only the will of the people, but what’s in the best interest of America. The result of his actions are simple:
Our enemies fear us less, and our allies no longer trust us.

We have turned our back on Israel, one of our greatest allies, with classified intelligence leaks which many suspect have come directly from the White House, and by showing a lack of resolve by the Obama administration in its current dealings with Iran. It is evident that this is an attempt to hold off any actions that may possibly cost the President votes; be assured that if action is taken, it will only be to try to win votes.

The same tactics apply to our policies at home; The Obama machine will stomp on any ally at the slightest hint of dissent; just ask Cory Booker. The only democrat immune to his wrath is former President Bill Clinton. (It’s fairly obvious how he feels about our current state of affairs.) My advice to Booker and others like him, is to continue doing what is right for the people in your community. If you have your people, you don’t need your party. They need you.

The President has also lost credibility with his own constituents regarding the economy; he seems to believe that if he keeps using the blame game, parroting the same half-truths and skewed numbers, that his followers will believe that we really are “doing fine.” All they have to do is take a look at their savings account to refute that claim. Even those whose usually have their eyes wide shut are beginning to peek under their lids. And they don’t like what they see.
Politics has always played a part in any governments’ actions, but as the leader of the free world, sometimes you have to do what is needed, even if it hurts. Do what’s best for the future of your country. Stand up for the little guy.

Support and protect your friends and do what you can to make some new ones, without compromising our morals and values. Many of our great leaders have made difficult decisions that required sacrifice by the American people, only to be respected and admired for doing so later. Short-term pain, long-term gain. Why? Because it is the right thing to do.