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Jul 7, 2012 Comments Off on This Just In: Allah Approves Anal Sex Pat Dollard

Excerpted from Creeping Sharia: Europe News has been linking to posts from the Sex in Islam blog (added to blogroll on left). Here is on that gets very interesting at the end, no pun intended. via “Anal Sex Approved by Allah and Prophet Muhammad” by Amar Khan.

In Pakistan, the mullahs are notorious for child abuse and molestation. Every day, we hear news about a mullah sodomizing his beardless student. It is very common in Pakistan. Almost every one knows what happens in madrassas.

Even one of my friends narrowly escaped from being sodomized by his Quranic teacher when he was taking the Quran memorizing lessons.

But why do these mullahs commit such a thing, allegedly condemned in Islam? Muslims are most vocal in commending sodomy, homosexuality in words? They are known to attack homosexuals in Europe.

Answer is that, according to them, masturbation is haram. Seeing any na mehram girl is also prohibited. The only way left to satisfy their lusty desires is to sodomize one of their pupils. While reading from a shia Website, http://www.answering-ansar.org, I came across the fact that the root of sodomy lies in the Islamic text and history. Here are some examples of the gems from the history and authentic books of Sunni Islam.

Umar indulged in sodomy and Allah was forced to legitimize this practise in the Qur’an

For evidence you can consult the following texts:

Jami al Tirmidhi, Bab al Tafseer Volume 2, page 382, ‘Ayat Hars’
Fathul Bari Volume 8 page 191 Kitab Tafseer Ayat Hars
Gharab al Qur’an Volume 3 page 249 Ayat Hars
Tafseer al Ibn Katheer Volume 1 page 261
Fayl ai Lawathar Volume 6 page 229
Tafseer Qurtubi Volume 1 page 92 Ayat Hars
Lets quote verbatim from Jami al Tirmidhi [Bab al Tafseer Vol. 2, p. 382, ‘Ayat Hars’]:

“Ibn Abbas narrates that Hadhrath Umar went before Rasulullah (s) and “Master I am destroyed!’. Rasulullah (s) asked ‘what thing has destroyed you?’. Umar replied last night I had anal sex. Rasulullah (s) did not give a reply to Umar, then Allah (swt) sent down this revelation “Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will; the words ‘kabool wa Dhabar‘ (the anus is accepted)”

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