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Jul 24, 2012 Comments Off on BBC Scrubs Jerusalem as Capital of Israel Toro520

Times of Israel:

The BBC changed its Olympic games website to no longer list East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. Israel has no capital either.

On Thursday the BBC website was updated to show Jerusalem as the “seat of government” for Israel, and East Jerusalem as the “seat of intended government” for Palestine. Neither entity was listed as having a capital.

Until Wednesday, the BBC’s Olympic Games website had listed Israel with no capital, while East Jerusalem was the capital of Palestine.

Although the city of Jerusalem was mentioned in the visual map of Israel, it was not listed in the “Key Facts” section below the illustration.

The facts about Israel presented by the BBC included the sports in which Israel has won most of its Olympic medals, and the population and size of the country.

In the key facts presented about Palestine, the site listed the population, size and capital of the entity, naming East Jerusalem.

Earlier this year, Britain’s Guardian newspaper declared Tel Aviv as the capital of Israel, and stated so in its guidelines.

The Olympic committee also left Israel capital-free in April, sending Jerusalem on a strange odyssey: One morning it was the capital of Palestine, by the afternoon it had become the capital of Israel. In the end, the Olympic website removed all listings of capital cities so as to avoid political complications.

“It’s a shame a nonpolitical body makes the most absurd political statements,” a Foreign Ministry spokesperson told The Times of Israel at the time, protesting the initial allocation of Israel’s capital to “a country that doesn’t exist.”