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Aug 25, 2012 Comments Off on After Interviewing Shooters, Mexicans “Still Don’t Know Why” Cops Shot Up U.S. Government SUV, Marines Pat Dollard

Excerpted from The Los Angeles Times: Mexican authorities said Saturday they have questioned a dozen federal police agents to try to find out why Mexican police ambushed an SUV south of Mexico City and shot two U.S. government employees inside.

The two Americans, attached to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City, were hospitalized with gunshot wounds and reported in stable condition. A Mexican naval captain traveling with them sustained minor injuries in the Friday attack.

No one disputes that Mexican police opened fire on the Americans’ black armored Toyota with diplomatic license plates. The question is why.

The Americans were traveling on the road to Cuernavaca, a popular tourist resort south of Mexico City, when their vehicle was intercepted by a carload of gunmen who gave chase as the Americans attempted to escape, U.S. and Mexican officials said. Federal police in at least three patrol cars joined the chase and opened fire on the Americans until the Mexican military, summoned by the naval captain under fire, intervened.

The carload of gunmen and the federal police reportedly fled the scene at that point.

The federal attorney general’s office said in a statement that its investigators were interviewing 12 federal police agents to determine whether the incident was a case of mistaken identity, as some reports suggest, and that the police believed they were pursuing suspects.

Or were the police in cahoots with criminals and providing backup in an ambush aimed at stealing the car or killing its occupants, as some have speculated here?

U.S. officials said the shooters were thought to be among the 12 agents who were interrogated, but Mexican officials did not make clear whether the officers were under arrest or whether additional police were involved.

Pictures of the heavily damaged car showed the front passenger window splattered with bullet holes and most of the tires blown out. More than 30 spent casings reportedly littered the roadway where the crippled vehicle came to a stop.

The Reforma newspaper quoted an unnamed Mexican marine who was part of the rescue effort as saying the police and the first group of gunmen appeared to be working together.

“This was an aggression by the federal police,” the marine said, according to the paper. “We don’t know who they are working for.”

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