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Sep 21, 2012 Comments Off Pat Dollard

Excerpted from THE BLAZE: A 79-year-old disabled veteran is facing one month in jail for having too much junk in his front yard — junk that he fixes up and sells in order to keep his home and buy medicine for his wife, the Rock Hill Herald reported.

John Ramsey was first convicted in January of keeping junk in his front yard, a misdemeanor offense in the small rural town of Clover, S.C. He was ordered to clean it up, or face 30 days in jail. He cleaned it up.

But last month, the court ruled Ramsey‘s cleanup effort wasn’t good enough. He was held in contempt and given two weeks to pay $500. Ramsey — living on $898 a month in Social Security and veterans benefits — didn’t have $500, so when the deadline passed he went to the police department to turn himself in. Instead, town officials told him he had a hearing on Monday to determine whether he should go to jail for being unable to pay his fine.

“They are gonna give me 30 days,” Ramsey told the Herald. “For junk.”

According to the newspaper, the Korean War veteran collects anything he can, including washing machines, bricks and wood, and strips it down to sell. The money goes toward paying utilities for his home and keeping his wife — also disabled — alive. He got rid of the washing machines and other items during his cleanup, and the bricks and wood are neatly stacked. A fence is currently under construction to shield everything from view. Ramsey’s building it himself.

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