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By Jeff Rainforth:

Can the 2012 election for president be rigged? Several weeks ago Pat emailed me and asked me to look into that possibility. Shortly thereafter, Pat’s research team and I started doing our homework. What we uncovered might shock some. I know it did me.

In 2006, the “Secretary of State Project” aka “SOS,” was formed as a 527 political action committee. The goal of the committee was to help elect socialist Secretaries of State in swing states so as to affect the outcome of close races such as the 2000 presidential election. In the 2000 election, Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris said she would reject revised totals from the recount between President George W. Bush and Democratic nominee Al Gore that weren’t turned in by the mandatory deadline. The issue went all the way to the Supreme Court and was decided in Bush’s favor. Socialists didn’t want election laws to be upheld, thus, they began maneuvering to elect those who would circumvent it.

The Secretary of State Project was funded by well-known socialists George Soros, Van Jones, and Fred Hofheinz – Democrat & former mayor of Houston. Currently there are four Democratic Secretaries of State in swing states for the presidential election. Mark Ritchie, the current Secretary of State of Minnesota (not a swing state), was supported by SOS, and also ACORN. Ritchie oversaw the 2008 election recount of Democrat Al Franken and Republican Norm Coleman, both who were running for U.S. Senate. Al Franken won as Minnesota’s canvassing board (chaired by Ritchie) decided which votes to count, and which not to. Coleman was ahead by 725 votes before the recount. After the recount, Franken was up by 312. Ritchie had done his job for Soros. Democrats got their 60th Senator. Republicans could no longer filibuster bills, and Obamacare was passed.


In 2011, researchers at Argonne National Laboratory demonstrated how electronic voting machines could easily be manipulated into casting the opposite vote than what the voter entered into the machine. Voting machines can be accessed at low security storage units, drivers transporting the machines can be paid off in order to gain access, and also, the external smart card slot can be accessed and circuitry attached to gain control of the machine. The cost of the circuitry? $10.50, or $26 if you want to use a remote control device. If someone wanted to bad enough, he or she could have voting machines in swing states compromised very easily, with the majority of the costs incurred going towards those who actually carry out the implanting of foreign circuitry. In a close race, very few machines would have to be accessed. Can you think of any specific billionaire who might have the desire and the resources to affect the outcome of a vote in this manner? You shouldn’t have to think too hard.


Other ways to rig an election? By getting your people into positions of power in media and Hollywood. By doing this, the major networks and movie stars will basically be campaigning for you by broadcasting favorable news about you or your candidate, while painting your opponent in a negative light. This is the “stealth” way of rigging an election. In the 60’s, it was believed that the Soviet Union would try and do exactly that, with help from the Communist Party USA which they funded. In 1925, Comintern agent Willi Münzenberg in a “Daily Worker” article said of cinema, “One of the most pressing tasks confronting the Communist Party in the field of propaganda, is the conquest of this supremely important propaganda unit.” In 1936, Münzenberg sent fellow agent Otto Katz to found the pro-Stalinist “Hollywood Anti-Nazi League” with screenwriter Dorothy Parker. Thousands of writers and actors ended up supporting the group. How many newscasters and movie stars do we know today who are “progressive,” aka Communist, and who give glowing reviews of Obama and other progressive leaders? There is no shortage of them, and their goal is to help elect fellow communists by way of propaganda.


In the past, Democrats have used intimidation to ensure election results. Take the “Battle for Athens” for example. In 1936, a wealthy Democratic family (the Cantrells) wanted to replace Republican officials in McMinn County, Tennessee, so they backed Franklin Roosevelt with hopes for a “coattail” effect. A member of their family (Paul Cantrell) was elected to sheriff, and then to the state senate. When Cantrell was elected to the state senate, his deputy, Pat Mansfield, was elected sheriff. Once Cantrell’s term was up, he ran for sheriff again, while his deputy, Mansfield ran for the state senate seat Cantrell had held.

In 1946, many McMinn County GIs had just returned from the war in Europe, and believed there was widespread corruption in the elections. They decided to challenge the Cantrell family. The then sheriff, Pat Mansfield, hired 200 deputies to “oversee” the election of his friend, Paul Cantrell. The GIs tried to observe the election process and block ballots from being taken to secret locations to be counted, but they were beaten, and some even shot by the deputies. The situation escalated into an all-out gun battle – GIs who fought for Europe’s liberation from NAZI Germany, verses Democrats trying to gain power illegitimately. In the end, the GIs won, but it had taken violence to overcome the Socialist Democrats who sought to gain power by rigging the election via voter intimidation (Sound like recent attempts by members of the New Black Panther Party to intimidate conservative voters? Of course, it’s the Socialist M.O.)


Of the examples listed, the most worrisome are progressive Secretaries of State allowing recounts to go on until the desired outcome is achieved, and also voting machine tampering.

In order to counter the first, every effort to get out the vote must be made so that the election in a swing state is not close enough to mandate a recount.

Currently, swing states for the presidential election that have progressive Secretaries of State are: Nevada, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and North Carolina. There are a total of 35 electoral votes between the four states. The Romney/Ryan campaign has a signup page for those who want to help get out the vote by calling voters from home. Go here: http://www.mittromney.com/call-home-landing to volunteer.

In order to minimize the possibility of vote machine tampering, Argonne National Laboratory laid out some recommendations. They suggest removing at least 1% of the machines prior to an election and have them inspected for tampering and malware. Background checks for all who come in contact with, or work on voting machines. Install tamper indicating seals on all machines. Attempt to bribe security at storage facilities, drivers, poll workers and other election officials to see if they will allow access to the machines (there are entrapment issues with this obviously). If you are in a swing state, contact your elected representative and tell them you want all voting machines secured, and these suggestions enacted (probably not the bribe part. I doubt they would go for that).


Can an election be rigged? Absolutely. By corrupt politicians who control which votes get counted, and which do not in a recount. Sympathetic poll workers who throw out ballots, or spoil (mark them) them thus causing them not to be counted. Voting machine tampering. There are many ways to throw an election, which is why it is important for everyone to get involved this year, especially those of us in swing states and states with close Senate races. Volunteer to be a poll worker, volunteer for a GOTV drive, contact your elected officials and tell them to secure voting machines. It’s going to take all of us working together to make sure this election isn’t stolen. We must defeat Obama, and pick up four Senate seats in order to kill Obamacare. Let’s get out there and do this!


Jeff Rainforth, aka RainforthJ on Twitter, is chairman emeritus of the Reform Party of California, former candidate for governor, and a PatDollard.com contributor.