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Sep 22, 2012 Comments Off on Chris Matthews: Most Muslims Are Violent Extremists Pat Dollard

Yes, Chris Matthews is saying that most Muslims are violent extremists, not moderates. What else can you be if you think murder for a perceived insult to Islam is okay? If I was to say it was okay to murder someone who insulted Jesus, Chris (and all other Leftists) would say I’m a violent Christian extremist, so, same thing.

Oh, and that would be half a billion Muslims Chris is talking about, in case you’re wondering just how worried he’s saying you should be about them and their violent, extremist ways…

“Most Muslims — at least half of them, I think, around the world — think it is ok to kill someone if they insult the Prophet. And that is a big problem. That is a clash of civilizations.”Chris Matthews on Bill Maher’s show last night

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