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Sep 28, 2012 Comments Off on Top Al-Qaeda Fighters Feared Freed In Iraq Prison Break Pat Dollard

(THE SUN) FEARS have been raised that dozens of top al-Qaeda lieutenants could be on the loose after terrorists attacked a high-security prison in Iraq, freeing around 100 inmates.

Insurgents used a suicide bomber and gunmen to kill up to 15 security workers in the jail bust in Tikrit.

Tasfirat Prison, which holds several convicted terrorists, was stormed on Thursday night.

Riots broke out inside and inmates seized weapons from their guards and running battles raged for several hours.

Some prison workers were reportedly taken hostage by the armed terrorists before security forces eventually regained control of the prison.

A source in the local police command said that 15 policemen and seven prisoners were killed in the jailbreak.

He said: “We took control of the prison, and the gunmen handed over their weapons.”

The reported numbers of the escaped detainees differs – but the figure has been estimated at over 100.

However the bust comes less than two weeks after prison officials said they had foiled an al-Qaeda plot to free its members from the jail.

A source was reported as saying they had discovered the three-month-old escape plans and ended it.