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Oct 25, 2012 Comments Off Dinah Tellya

Excerpted from Mediaite: Lest you think conservatives are happy with Donald Trump‘s re-entrance into the presidential race, conservative pundit/blogger Michelle Malkin was extremely critical of Trump’s antics on Twitter earlier today. Malkin was set off after Trump tweeted out to his followers, “How does [Malkin] get a conservative platform? She is a dummy–just look at her past.”

Twitchy, a social media aggregation site started by Malkin, was not exactly kind to Trump in the wake of his big announcement yesterday, saying that it was a big “dud,” and dismissing Trump’s announcement as just at attempt to “desperately crav[e] attention.” In the midst of commentary that Trump’s announcement was a big waste of time, Malkin sarcastically tweeted the hashtag #ShockedFace.

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