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Oct 15, 2012 Comments Off Pat Dollard

Excerpted from WESTERN JOURNALISM: Bending, twisting and redefining the English language has become the ammunition leftist demagogues use when attempting to re-write laws and superimpose their beliefs on Americans.

By playing semantics and forcing a gender neutral language on the citizens of a country, liberals are able to sway public opinion, which ultimately paves the way for judges to interpret law in such a way so as to change our way of life.

This ideology has been very successful at chipping away at the Constitution for decades and now our country is at the tipping point.

The simple use of the word “liberal” implies free thinking and “progressivism.” Openness to change and constant reformatting one’s way of life is a beautiful idea if you desire a lifestyle not governed by simple morals, laws and the intrinsic values held so dearly by many: established principles of conduct and an opportunity to be successful.

Liberalism, at its very core, decries differences, even when those differences are intellectual, physical or spiritual.

As complex as this sounds, liberals despise those who have either because they have failed to accomplish what others have been fortunate to, or because sheer jealousy drives them to hate the very ones that help build, shape and mold our country. Ironically, many liberals have become very rich on the backs of those who support them, thereby becoming a part of the establishment they loathe.

How then does one begin to change a political environment whereby their position moves to the forefront of the American thought process? One can point to the judicial system as the source for change, but this is only partially true. Elected officials holding the same belief systems as the electorate could certainly help shape and mold the way people perceive particular issues. But at the very center of it all is the language we speak.

How many of us have been forced to change the way we speak in public or at work? We are even hesitant to say some things in our own homes! When was the last time you heard someone talk about homosexual marriage? Same-sex marriage or civil unions are the new speak pushed on us. We no longer identify people by skin color; rather, we assume country or continental lineage when describing someone. Is it so wrong to say someone is handicapped or must we always say “challenged?” No longer do we refer to our elected officials as Congressman or Congresswoman so-and-so.

That’s right, they are now congress people. People are no longer pro-abortion or anti-abortion. They are now pro-choice or pro-life. Should we refer to policemen and policewomen as “police people?”

Businessmen and women have long understood the need to embrace differences in the workforce, but structure drives prosperity along with a diverse work population. Quotas, written or implied, make the workplace stagnant, as they do colleges and universities. But removing the language of racial or sexual differences oftentimes drives division. This doesn’t mean it is okay to use racial slurs or “cat call” women. On the contrary, it means allowing individuals to function without certain inhibitions, while making sure people operate appropriately or morally.

The English language is ever evolving, most of the time for the better, but sometimes for the worse. Legislating morality does not work, but altering the way we speak and think is very dangerous for everyone. It is also very dangerous for our country as we continue down the slippery slope of political correctness.