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Oct 14, 2012 Comments Off on Napolitano: Another 9-11 ‘Impossible’ Chuck Biscuits

Excerpted from Big Government: Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano sat down with Euronews for an exclusive talk about security issues during her recent trip to Europe. She told the news outlet that another 9/11 is “virtually impossible.”

Ms. Napolitano talked about how more cooperation between American and Europe would increase security. She spoke about sharing more information on air passengers, but also protect privacy rights and civil liberties. America and the European Union have agreed “to share advanced passenger information about airline passengers under certain circumstances.” Ms. Napolitano didn’t disclose what information would be shared, but she insisted it would remain private.

Euronews moved onto 9/11 and Ms. Napolitano said DHS and U.S. security is better than it was five years ago because they’ve put in “new and innovative technologies” that would make another 9/11 impossible. Yet, when asked what form of terrorism keeps her awake at night, Ms. Napolitano said aviation. If another 9/11 won’t happen, why does aviation keep her up at night? If all these securities at home are stellar then she shouldn’t have these worries.

But the aviation attacks aren’t a threat from within America. She told Euronews “we can’t ever rest and say we’re finished. Once we say that, our adversaries will find some other means of attack.” Napolitano brought up the cargo bomb on a plane out of Yemen, but she didn’t mention the Underwear Bomber from Christmas Day 2009.

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