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Oct 13, 2012 Comments Off on See Beck’s Challenge To FreePAC Arizona: Are We A People ‘Determined To Be Free’? Pat Dollard

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Excerpted from THE BLAZE: On Saturday night, Glenn Beck joined joined FreedomWorks to speak on the issues facing the country at FreePAC Arizona. The crowd had spent a full day learning grassroots strategies to impact upcoming elections, and spent the evening listening to speakers that also included Dana Loesch, Matt Kibbe, and various elected officials.

Beck’s speech began with a letter to George Washington, where he was told his “officers and men fought like men who are determined to be free.”

But are we still those people, he asked?

We have a choice ahead of us, he says, and we must decide. To help Americans think out of the box and rekindle the entrepreneurial spirit so deeply-rooted in America, Beck has started the “American Dream Labs,” where people both think and do. That is where progress is made, he believes– with the American individual, not with the Washington politician. After pointing out that while everyone is familiar with the concept of “the invisible hand,“ few know that Smith also said ”there will be no wealth of nations if you’re not a moral people first.” And when we try to judge what is right and wrong and the system disagrees, like we did before 9/11, we sit back and let the “experts” take care of everything.

But then insanity entered our world, and we woke up.

“We questioned things we didn’t understand and then even got to a point where we questioned those things we feared we did understand,” Beck stated. “And then we got to that place where didn’t know if we wanted to question anymore.”

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