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Nov 23, 2012 Comments Off on Morsi Speaks, Defends Dictatorship, Says It Will ‘Lead To Freedom’ Pat Dollard

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Excerpted from The BBC: President Mohammed Mursi tells supporters his sweeping new powers will lead Egypt to “freedom”, as opponents attack his party’s offices.

President Mohammed Mursi has appeared before supporters in Cairo to defend a new decree that grants him sweeping powers.

He told them he was leading Egypt on a path to “freedom and democracy” and was the guardian of stability.

He was speaking as thousands of opponents gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and offices of the president’s party were attacked in several cities.

The decree says presidential decisions cannot be revoked by any authority.

‘Mursi is Mubarak’

Speaking at a rally at the presidential palace in Cairo, Mr Mursi said he was working to secure a strong and stable nation, for which there was a “great future”.

He said: “I am for all Egyptians. I will not be biased against any son of Egypt.”

Mr Mursi said he was the guardian of political, economic and social stability and wanted to see a “genuine opposition, a strong opposition”.

“I am the guarantor of that and I will protect for my brothers in the opposition all their rights so they can exercise their role.”

Mr Mursi also vowed to defend the independence of the executive, judiciary and legislature and not issue decrees to settle scores.

But across the capital in Tahrir Square, thousands of the president’s opponents heeded calls to demonstrate against the decree.

Chants of “Mursi is Mubarak… revolution everywhere” rang out.