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Nov 26, 2012 Comments Off on Cops Remove Alan Grayson From Walmart For Union Agitating Chuck Biscuits

Excerpted from Watchdog Wire: Grayson wasted little time in making it clear that his second stint at playing a lawmaker will be no less mortifying than the first when he spent Thanksgiving night agitating Walmart workers on behalf of organized labor and disrupting the early start to Black Friday holiday shopping.

Union-backed groups OUR Walmart and Making Change at Wal-Mart were calling for an employee walkout during Black Friday.

In the typical theatrics that define the far left, our newly elected Congressman was handing out turkey sandwiches and letters explaining the right to organize to employees at a local Walmart, forcing management to call the police to have him escorted off the property.

One Walmart employee did walk off the job, although it’s not clear if this was staged beforehand.

It’s also worth noting that labor unions, primarily public sector unions, are the number one contributors to Grayson, donating hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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