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Nov 9, 2012 Comments Off on Dead Pig In Romney T-Shirt Left On Sidewalk Outside Republican Headquarters In LA Infidel

Excerpted from Mail Online: Given Barack Obama’s landslide re-election win, you might think that victorious Democrats would be feeling upbeat and positive rather than vindictive.

But one Obama fan apparently proved a sore winner – leaving a disgusting message of hate outside a Republican field office.

A dead pig wearing a Mitt Romney T-shirt was yesterday found on the sidewalk outside the GOP headquarters in Manhattan Beach, a suburb of Los Angeles.

While police are still investigating the circumstances of the crime, the clothing on the carcass suggests it was politically motivated.

The pig was discovered by passers-by early on Thursday morning and removed by authorities later in the day, according to KABC.

Police had to cut up the mangled body in order to fit it in to trash cans, where it could still be seen for several hours.

It was later removed by animal control, who took the carcass to keep as evidence for a possible prosecution.

Officials have said the incident could be a crime as it is ‘illegal dumping of an animal carcass’.

Although it may seem obvious to ascribe partisan motives to the incident, the perpetrator left no note or message spelling out exactly what was behind the crime.

Those who were unfortunate enough to see the pig before it was removed told KABC they were disgusted by the horrific message.

‘I saw the head wrapped in barbed wire and it’s cut in half, the whole skull was,’ Andy Gaeta told the station. ‘It looked like something from a butcher’s market.’

Another local said he thought the crime was symptomatic of the hyper-partisan political atmosphere: ‘That is representative of something that kind of turns me off to this whole political system and this recent election and how divided it’s kind of made us all.’