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Nov 4, 2012 Comments Off on Delusional Obama Supporter: ‘Conservatives Crucified Christ’ Pat Dollard

Excerpted from BIG GOVERNMENT: In an interview prior to President Obama’s rally in Milwaukee on Saturday, a self-described “independent” approached me for an interview wanting his “independent” voice to be heard. Despite his claim of to be an “independent,” who said he is voting for Barack Obama, constantly ridiculed conservatives as racist, intolerant of others views, and condemned them as the crucifiers of Christ.

The self-described “independent” also said that liberals needed to fight back harder, suggesting they “pop the (conservative) bullies in their noses.” The “independent” man also made several accusations that Breitbart News, being a “conservative organization, was reason for me to try an catch him saying something stupid. Have a look at the interview to determine if cunning skill set this man up for stupidity, or it was his own free will and my ability to press record.