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Nov 7, 2012 Comments Off Pat Dollard

Excerpted from Mediaite: Many people have expressed some concern over potential voting irregularities, and already someone has captured video of one such potential irregularity. YouTube user centralpavote uploaded a video earlier today of a voting machine that appears to misdetect a touch-screen vote for President Obama as a vote for Mitt Romney. The video went viral after being posted on Reddit, and as of now is currently on the site’s front page.

After the video was posted on Reddit, the user who uploaded it to YouTube commented on the thread to claim he tried to vote for Obama, but when he pushed the touch-screen button for the president, Romney’s name was selected instead.

Since then, centralpavote has updated the comment to say that he has been contacted by a number of news organizations about his video. One technology expert who spoke to Gawker said that the video, if accurate and unedited, is concerning not because of potential voter fraud, but because the machine was not calibrated properly before being used in a presidential election where every vote counts.

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