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Nov 13, 2012 Comments Off Chuck Biscuits

“Here’s the first thing I want to say: Brian Stelter, is that his name? Yeah, S-T-E-L-T-E-R. He’s never talked to me. And if he were to talk to me, I would tell him that I have overperformed in my time period for the third quarter and on my way to do that in the fourth quarter of this year, which puts me in bonus territory. You know, money? I mean, that’s how well we’re doing at 8 o’clock. And so I have never interviewed with the guy, he’s never called me or asked me anything.”

“No changes planned! So I guess I’m on tonight?! I assume I’m on the rest of the week?! I assume that I’m on for as long as I can get you to watch! And this, in a sense, means that I guess I’ve arrived! And it also means that, you know, if somebody is telling Stelter that I’m going to be replaced, we know that his nose as a reporter doesn’t sniff very well because he never called me and I’m probably one of the most accessible guys in the media!”