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Nov 5, 2012 Comments Off on Iowa Governor: The People of Iowa Feel ‘Betrayed By The President’, ‘Romney Will Win’ Pat Dollard

Excerpted from THE BLAZE: In an exclusive interview with TheBlaze, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad sounded confident that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney would carry his state and he did not hold back on his harsh criticism of President Barack Obama.

That confidence is despite Obama carrying the state handily four years ago. So where will that 10 point advantage go? Branstad, who is a Republican, points to the voter rolls. He notes that there are now more registered Republicans in the state of Iowa than Democrats. He also mentioned the Des Moines Register poll showing Obama with half the lead he had four year ago.

But it is the president’s record in Iowa that will truly be his downfall, according to Branstad.

“A lot of Iowans supported President Obama four years ago feel betrayed by the president,” the governor said. “The national debt goes up a trillion dollars every year he is in office, then he blames other people for it. This is not the candidate that ran here four years ago.” The three-term Governor contrasts his state with bordering Illinois, where “Obama’s buddies from Chicago are running everything.” He cites the state’s high unemployment and an anemic economy as a good example of what high taxes and a corrupt government, in “Obama style” brings to a state.

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