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Nov 30, 2012 Comments Off Infidel

Excerpted from The Daily Caller: A Planned Parenthood affiliate based in the New York cities of Binghamton and Oneonta is breaking away from the national organization over a mandate that reportedly requires all affiliates to offer abortion services by 2013.

Citing that pending requirement, Planned Parenthood of South Central New York’s leadership approved the decision to become independent of Planned Parenthood and change its name to the Family Planning Center of South Central New York at the beginning of 2013, according to local news reports.

The Planned Parenthood affiliate currently refers its patients to local doctors and clinics for abortion services instead of offering them on-site.

CEO Debra Marcus said her organization didn’t need to offer the same services already available in the area.

“There’s no need for us to be duplicating services that are already adequately and well provided locally,” Marcus said, according to WBNG-TV, adding that nothing about the center will change other than its name.

Planned Parenthood vice president for communications Eric Ferrero explained that her umbrella organization wants to make sure its affiliates offer a consistent range of services, including abortions.

“In recent years men, women and teens in communities across New York and nationwide have increasingly relied on Planned Parenthood for a wide range of core services, from well-woman exams to lifesaving breast and cervical cancer screenings,” Ferrero said in a statement. “In response to these patient needs, Planned Parenthood affiliate leaders decided to offer a consistent set of services at all health centers so that patients can receive essential care wherever they live.”

“Within the next couple of years, abortion services will be available in at least one health center per Planned Parenthood affiliate, though not at every health center,” he added.

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