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Nov 8, 2012 Comments Off Infidel

Excerpted from THE BLAZE: Instances of Looting reached epidemic proportions in New York City after the city was ravaged by Superstorm Sandy then hit again by a nor’easter that plunged the city right back into darkness.

Surprisingly, at least one New York City police officer told The Guardian that looting is “acceptable” in certain situations, like feeding your family. The issue has been discussed in ethics classes for decades, but it is still shocking to hear a police officer openly excusing looting, a crime.

“It’s snow, it’s cold. People are fending for themselves,” NYPD officer Anthony DiCarlo said. “Looting, to me, is acceptable if you’re looting for your baby or your family,” but looting a 60 inch flat-screen TV is not acceptable.

The situation in New York is still dire. On Thursday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and officials on Long Island have decided to start rationing gasoline.

Gasoline will be available to drivers with license plate numbers ending in an odd number starting Friday morning. Drivers with plate numbers ending in an even number can gas up on Saturday.

Parts of New Jersey implemented the same strategy last week. Bloomberg said Thursday that only 25 percent of the city’s gas stations are open. He estimated the tight gas supplies could last another couple of weeks.

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