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Nov 26, 2012 Comments Off Pat Dollard

Ambassador Stevens was terrified for his own safety, and repeatedly begged for more security for which he was denied by Obama. In the face of what everybody knows, Joe Klein here says Stevens didn’t want more security. He also absurdly says that Susan Rice’s story that the attack started out as a protest against the Mohammed movie was the truth, “accurate”. Joe Klein is very scared of this Benghazi story, as you can see for yourself below, which should serve as an indication of how powerfully destructive to Obama he believes the truth of it to be. Which is why he is sweating in public and working overtime to kill the truth. Unfortunately for him, with his passionate defense of a story which even Obama himself now disavows, Joe has lost all credibility, defined himself as nothing more than an Obama shill willing to lie in any capacity and in any regard, even if it means defiling the noble dead.

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