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Nov 6, 2012 Comments Off on Special Ops Vets Who Are Monitoring Voter Intimidation at Polling Sites: ‘They’re Having a Lot of Fun’ Infidel

Excerpted from THE BLAZE: Groups of volunteer military special operations veterans are monitoring for voter intimidation at several polling sites across the country, and their leader took time today to talk to TheBlaze about it.

Retired Navy Capt. Ben Brink, president of Get Out the Vet, told TheBlaze his covert teams have spotted New Black Panther Party members in Philadelphia and in Cleveland and are recording their activities and watching for potential problems.

“We have teams in about six cities. They’re not big teams, but special forces guys don’t need to be big teams,” said Brink, whose background is in intelligence. “They’re in various places at various times, very close to them. We had one that was actually eating lunch next to a bunch of [New Black Panthers]…it’s just like these guys do in the field.”

Brink said his volunteers, who include Navy SEALs, Army Rangers and even one former Israeli Defense Forces member, are not confronting the New Black Panthers but observing their activities near polling sites.

“We hatched the idea that we might be able to reduce the amount of voter intimidation by getting some of our folks out in the field on Election Day,” he said. They’re recording suspicious activity and reporting any incidents they find to the police and to the media.

He said that despite reports, things were relatively quiet in Philadelphia where one New Black Panther Party member was spotted. “The only thing that’s been seen is one dejected New Black Panther Party member kinda standing on the stairs,” Brink said. “Sort of reminded me of going to Berlin right as the wall was coming down, having all the dejected Soviet troops up on the memorial there walking back and forth saying I’ve lost.”

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