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Nov 23, 2012 Comments Off on Texan Pulls Gun On Black Friday Shopper Who Punched Him In The Face Pat Dollard

My San Antonio: Some people will do anything for a good deal.

On Black Friday, the stakes are even higher, which might explain why a concealed handgun license-holder pulled his gun on a man who punched him in the face while the two were waiting in line inside the Sears at South Park Mall on Thursday night.

The men had entered the store, which opened at 8 p.m. for its Black Friday sale.

A man was pushing to get to the front of the line and started arguing with other people, trying to cut in front of them, said San Antonio Police Sgt. Rob Carey. Then he started calling people names, the sergeant said, and punched another customer in the face.

Roger Rivera, who was shopping in the Sears, said the man who was punched then pulled a gun and pointed it at the rabble-rouser, although Carey said the man actually pointed the gun at the ground. Everyone scattered, “tumbling over things, dropping boxes,” Rivera said. The man who was trying to cut in line ran and hid behind a refrigerator before he fled the store.

“It kind of went a little crazy in there,” Carey said.

Rivera told his kids to get down. While everyone was panicking, the man with the gun stood there, he said, and looked around, lowering the weapon.

For about 10 minutes, the shopping stopped, said Rivera, and his wife Teresa, who was also in Sears but in another part of the store. She raised concerns about whether Sears had enough security, noting that she only saw men at the store wearing “Security” vests.

Later, after the evening scuffle, South Park Mall security guards arrived and told reporters to leave the scene.

The man who pulled the gun was not charged, because he had a license, Carey said. Shopping resumed shortly after the incident; dozens of customers, including the Riveras, streamed in and out of the store, clutching their purchases.

“They’re still going about their business,” Rivera said.