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Dec 2, 2012 Comments Off on California ‘Anchor Baby’ Factory Sparks Outrage Chuck Biscuits

Excerpted from Fox News: Residents of a Southern California suburb are protesting against a hilltop home that they say serves as a maternity center for Chinese mothers paying thousands of dollars to give birth to so-called “anchor babies.”

Dozens picketed a Chino Hills intersection on Saturday, holding signs that read “No Birth Tourism” and “Not Here! Not in USA!”

Protesters say they don’t want to see a business in a residential area.

Kelly Good tells the Sun the come legally on tourist visas, but their intention is to give birth in the United States so their children would automatically gain citizenship. She said that’s a “false pretense.”

“And there’s the moral issue,” said Mitchell, a 22-year resident of the city.

“My father came to this country from Peru and left us all (eight children) until he earned enough money to get us visas to come here legally, said Mitchell, who became a U.S. citizen at age 17.

“All of us (children) worked in the system and have done really well. There are three doctors among the siblings, said Mitchell, who is a family law attorney in Chino Hills

The city’s mayor tells the San Bernardino Sun that rooms in the house have been rented out to pregnant Chinese women until they give birth.

What the picketers say is morally wrong about the “maternity motel” is that children born there have dual citizenship and at age 21 can use that to bring family members in the country.

Calls to the three numbers posted on a fence leading up to the hilltop house, which some call a mansion, resulted in the phone on the other end being hung up.

Chino Hills resident Karol Arredondo tells the Sun every so often a tour bus comes and takes groups of pregnant Chinese women to nearby tourist destinations, such as Disneyland and Venice Beach.

City officials say they are handling code enforcement issues at the property, but not dealing with the alleged maternity operation.

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