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Dec 22, 2012 Comments Off Pat Dollard

This situation saddens me, and I make no comment whatsoever. I don’t have enough facts to have an opinion. I have the highest respect for Dana and I wish for both the sake of Andrew’s family and for the benefit of the average Conservative needing news from a right perspective that Breitbart.com does well. So, I’m just gonna post this story, sans comment or attitude. I remember Andrew first ‘discovering’ Dana, and how excited he was and all the good things he had to say about her, and I remember how well and closely they worked together, what good friends they were, so, like I said, this turn of events simply saddens me.

ST. LOUIS • Conservative talk radio host and commentator Dana Loesch sued the owner of the conservative website Breitbart.com Friday, claiming that although her relationship with the news and opinion aggregating website had gone “tragically awry,” Breibart.c?m LLC refused to let her work for the company or anyone else, forcing her into “indentured servitude in limbo.”

The suit, filed in U.S. District Court here, seeks at least $75,000 in damages, as well as a judge’s declaration that her contract had expired.

The suit says that difficulties managing the Breitbart “media ‘empire’” or ideological conflicts or both had spiked the working relationship, creating a “increasingly hostile” work environment. When Loesch tried to terminate her work agreement in September, Breitbart refused and extended the agreement by a year, the suit says.

Breitbart.c?m LLC refuses to allow her work to be published and “sabotages” her attempts to find work elsewhere, the suit says.

Loesch’s lawyers and a Breitbart representative could not be immediately reached for comment.