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Dec 3, 2012 Comments Off Infidel

“Reciprocal confidence-building steps” means the lifting of certain sanctions. “Verifiable moves” by Iran means they get to pretend to slow down their nuke program with a false veneer of that having been “verified”.

Excerpted from The Jerusalem Post: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stressed Friday night that the US is willing to hold bilateral talks with Iran, if Tehran were “ready to engage.”

She also said that the US was prepared to take reciprocal confidence-building steps alongside “verifiable” moves by Iran.

Clinton said that in the meantime Washington is consulting with the other world powers in the P5+1 negotiating team – England, France, Germany, China and Russia – on how to proceed.

“Right now we’re working on the P5+1 and making our willingness known that we’re ready to have a bilateral discussion if they’re ever ready to engage,” Clinton said at the Saban Forum.

“Should Iran finally be ready to engage in serious negotiations, we are ready,” she said. “When Iran is prepared to take confidence-building measures that are verifiable, we are prepared to reciprocate.”

But she warned that “what we will not do is talk indefinitely. The window for negotiation will not stay open forever.”