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Dec 12, 2012 Comments Off Pat Dollard


The only way the Devil could establish a united, despotic kingdom on earth would be as how all such kingdoms are established and united, around a religion: Islam, and a tyranical political system: Communism aka Marxism aka Socialism aka Progressvism, et al. I will posit to you that Satan is the true founder of both. And as we all know, the two have formed the strongest of alliances today, however uneasy as one would imagine that alliance to be. And so the final battle between good and evil, the apocalypse, will be the battle between the armies of God, being Christians, Jews, and their allies, on the one side, and the armies of the devil, being Islam, the Left, and their allies, on the other. And with the way things are going, it’s hard to argue with Isaac Newton’s fascinatingly calculated date of 2060 as being as viable as it gets. Newton, the founder of physics and the creator of calculus, is probably the only human being considered to be a greater genius than Albert Einsten. Outside of the Bible, all we know of how the universe works is based on what we know from Newton. Few human beings, one could argue, have been more divinely inspired. Newton, in fact, did not consider science and relgion as adversaries or even just brothers, he considered them to be one and the same. He kept these papers hidden for fear of persecution for heresy by the Church of England, even though they were deeply religious and anything but anti-Christian. After the release and examination of these papers, in fact, Newton is now considered to be the first Christian Zionist.

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