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Dec 11, 2012 Comments Off on Michigan Union Official/Former Congressman Pepper Sprayed Leading ‘Peaceful’ Protest Chuck Biscuits

Battle Creek Enquirer: Former congressman Mark Schauer said he was pepper-sprayed by police today while leading anti-right to work protesters outside the state Capitol. Schauer said he was part of a crowd of protesters outside the Capitol’s north wing as the Michigan House was voting on controversial right-to-work measures. Schauer said police came to move the protesters away from the building. He said he tried to negotiate a line away from the Capitol that police would accept when he and “a number” of people were sprayed.

“I immediately began to retreat and began to cover my eyes and my mouth,” Schauer said. “It was not good.” He added that he did not know what was going on elsewhere in the crowd of thousands protesting outside the Capitol. “It was loud but it was peaceful,” he said. “It think it’s been emotional, but it’s also been orderly,” he said. “It’s been loud. People are angry and sad at the same time.”

Schauer, a former state lawmaker and congressman from Calhoun County, was in Lansing as a member of the Laborers union Local 355 and a representative of the Michigan Laborers-Employees Cooperation and Education Trust Funds.