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Dec 12, 2012 Comments Off Spit Stixx

Background – Teamsters Deny Tearing Down Americans For Prosperity Tent, Blame It On Breitbart Gang

Breitbart TV: At the anti-workers’ rights rally in Michigan Tuesday, a tent housing members of Americans for Prosperity, a pro-right-to-work organization, was brought down as people were still inside and hundreds of angry union protesters swarmed. Left-wing web sites laughably claimed that AFP brought the tent down themselves (this is reminiscent of the outrageous claims that Andrew Breitbart had hurled eggs at a Tea Party bus at a union protest in Searchlight, NV in 2009).

Now, this recently released video of the scene shows several union protesters with black bandanas and scarves deliberately wrapped around their faces to conceal their identity at the very moment the tent comes down. The trademark black masks are also closely associated with the anarchist and violent elements of the union-backed Occupy Movement.