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Dec 3, 2012 Comments Off on Virginia Town: Tea Party ‘Hijacked’ Historic ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Logo Chuck Biscuits

Excerpted from The Washington Times: While many facts are in dispute, this much is clear: A town staff report earlier this year said the Minute Man emblem “has unfortunately been hijacked in recent years by a political movement, the Tea Party, and it was assumed the town would prefer a positive, non-political identity.”

Staffers said their new proposed logo, which features the word “Culpeper” on a big banner, waving in front of rolling hills in the background, could be used on town vehicles, signs and printed materials, though they said “the new logo is not meant to replace the town deal, except where it represents non-official documents.”

While the tea party and libertarian followers of Texas Rep. Ron Paul have indeed adopted the rattlesnake emblem, Ms. Sorrentino said that was only part of the town staff’s concerns.

“It wasn’t a driving consideration, it was one of the considerations,” she said. “We want to put out a tourism message that encompasses all of our tourism assets, and you want to do that in a way that doesn’t involve politics, doesn’t involve political stands, movements.”

Town manager Kimberly L. Alexander, who news accounts say had approved the new logo, didn’t return a message seeking comment.

But the town council has held multiple meetings trying to contain the fallout from the logo flap and to decide exactly where the old and new logos will be used. The most recent fight, which played out last week, was over which logo would be used on town vehicles.

Missed opportunities

Other than a stone obelisk at the north end of town and the seal atop the municipal building, it’s tough to find much evidence of the old emblem here.

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