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Jan 19, 2013 Comments Off Spit Stixx

Excerpted from The Weekly Standard: A group of Americans is not entirely happy with First Lady Michelle Obama. They “have been vocally disappointed with her choices and feel let down by her example,” according to the Washington Post.

The “significant group” is, according to the paper, ” feminist Americans.”

“In 2008, when Obama announced her intention to be ‘mom-in-chief,’ many feminists decried her decision to give up her career and said she had been victimized by her husband’s choices. She was regarded as one of the women feminist Linda Hirshman described as ‘letting down the team,'” reports the Post.

The newspaper adds:

Last year, after Obama and Ann Romney submitted recipes for a cookie contest, Hirshman told The Washington Post that Obama’s “first mom, gardener thing” is “silly.”Now, Hirshman says, “I’ve kind of lost interest in Michelle Obama. She was trapped by assumptions about race and had limited room to maneuver. Whether that was a welcome choice or she had no choice, I will never know. It’s very difficult to envision her as running for senator from the state of Illinois as you did with Hillary Clinton running for senator from the state of New York.”

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